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Raychem Bus bars

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Raychem Bus bars

Our company is a well known dealer, supplier and wholesaler offering Copper Busbars, which are made from highly refined raw materials. Our range of Electrical Busbars easily meeting specific needs of customers and demand of markets. We procure these products from leading manufacturers and suppliers that are famous among the customers for reliable Busbar Systems. We have been dealing and supplying these professionally manufactured Cast Resin Busbars since our inception and it offers best performance as compare to other similar products.

Copper and Aluminium Insulated Busbars

New designs of Switchgear for voltages upto 36kV follow the principles and guidelines of reducing size as much as possible. Insulated Busbars provide maximum protection, particularly in confined spaces, against flashover and accidentally induced discharge. Choosing the right Busbar insulation can be difficult. Many conventional insulating materials require heavy investment in tooling and do not meet manufacturers' requirements for performance and reliability.

In order to solve this problem, Raychem RPG has planed a series of heat shrinkable Tubings for use on both Aluminum and Copper Busbars of circular and rectangular cross-section. These Busbar insulation Tubings are currently applied in switchgear cabinets throughout the world.


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