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Raychem Overhead Line Covers

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Raychem Overhead Line Covers

Power Cable Corporation is highly trustworthy company that’s main motto is offer only quality Overhead Electrical Line. Our company never compromises on quality products, hence our quality control team conduct quality test before distributing to clients. These Overhead Line Covers are obtained from quality conscious manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the complete satisfaction of customers and offer them at very economic prices. We offer a comprehensive range of Overhead Electrical Line meeting international quality norms with capability to cater various needs and requirements of customers.
Polypro for Low Voltage application

Your insurance against

  • Power thefts by hooking

  • Power outages due to short circuit

  • Untoward electrocutions


It has been designed with material properties to prevent tapping of overhead bare lines by hooking and other means.

Outage Prevention

It is designed to prevent electrical outages caused by trees coming in contact with overhead lines.

Untoward Accidents

It is designed to provide necessary insulating cover on bare conductor to prevent accidents due to electrocution.

Cost Effective

It is designed to insulate existing bare overhead lines without costly replacement expenditure.


Installation is possible in live condition with help of special tools.

  • Sleeve to tubular Interlock design

  • Light weight small spool length

  • Material

  • Cross linked Polyethylene

  • U.V. and abrasive resistant

  • Excellent di-electric properties

  • Thermal endurance

  • Resistant to bird excrement

  • Excellent water repellant property


  • Ease of installation. Install directly onto to the existing line.

  • No need for long shut down. No modification of existing overhead lines.

  • No scrapping of existing conductors.

  • Install as per required length. No need for bulk procurement. Ease of transportation to remote sites. Ease of storage.

  • Unlimited Shelf life and excellent weather resistant

  • No deformation under exposure of sunlight and not prone to abrasion during installation.

  • Prevents potential accidents where line is close to habitation.

  • Ability to perform under high temperature

  • No effect on product life and performance.

  • No weight gain during monsoon and loss of insulation.


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